ECHO Tec. Watermaker

Options and Accessories - Sargasso Compact


Filter Condition Indicator - US$ 189   (ECHOTec recommended)

Two optional low pressure gauges monitor system feed pressure, high pressure pump intake pressure and the pressure differential created by the pre-filters.

With this feature, the exact cause for low pump feed pressure (closed / fouled seacock or sea strainer, dirty filters) and the right time for filter changes can be determined well before the standard supplied low pressure shut-off function stops the system automatically.

Manual Fresh Water Flush - US$ 175

The fresh water flush feature preserves the watermakers’ membranes for up to 14 days without the use of chemicals at the flick of a valve. The fresh water flush storage can be repeated every 10 days for extended storage time.

Semi Automatic Fresh Water Flush - US$ 365
(ECHOTec recommended)

The semi automatic fresh water flush is activated at the touch of a button at a factory set and user adjustable flush duration. Avoids timing and forgetting the manual valve in flush mode.

Automatic Fresh Water Flush - US$ 395

The fresh water flush is automatically performed after every use of the desalination system at a factory set and user adjustable flush duration. The automatic flush timer can also be activated at the touch of a button to extend the membrane storage time without running the desalination system. 

Product Diverter / TDS Monitor -  US$ 485 (ECHOTec recommended)

The automatic product diverter / TDS monitor constantly displays the product salinity on the LCD screen. On start-up, once the product water meets the factory set and user adjustable quality level, the product is diverted to the boats freshwater tank.

A user adjustable delay ensures high quality freshwater, free from any odors independent from the TDS value. The failsafe (never allows unsafe product to enter tank) diverter valve has a manual override option (allows manual testing and tank filling with the standard 3-way valve on the control panel).

Remote Control Panel - US$ 745

The remote control panel enables start and stop of the system at the touch of a button. System pressurizes automatically. Tank full shut-off enabled.

Operation of the system, product water quality and flush mode is indicated by color coded LEDs.

Flush on shut down. The automatic fresh water flush timer can also be actuated at the touch of a button from the remote panel.

Remote control requires automatic fresh water flush and TDS controller/product diverter options selected.

Wiring harness per foot – US$ 4.00


Maintenance Kit - US$ 148

10 Pre-filters, 5 and/or 20 micron (2 ½” x 10”)
  1 Spare sea strainer screen
  2 Active carbon filters (fresh water flush)
  1 Ltr. High-pressure pump oil

Extended Maintenance Kit - US$
  1 Acid cleaning compound
  1 Alkaline cleaning compound
  2 Storage compounds (Biocide)
  1 Complete spare seal and O ring kit (except high pressure pump)

Consumables     US$
5 micron pre-filter cartridge     9.90
20 micron pre-filter cartridge     9.90
Active carbon cartridge   19.00
pH neutralizer / mineral cartridge   68.50
Sea strainer screen   21.00
High rejection / high flow membrane element 21" 225.00
High rejection / high flow membrane element 40" 299.00
Biocide / Storage compound     9.90
Alkaline cleaner   14.90
Acid cleaner   14.90
High Pressure Pump valve kit 135.00
High Pressure pump seal kit (Water and Oil) 165.00

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