ECHO Tec. Watermaker

Belt / Engine Driven Watermakers (Modular)


Engine / Belt Driven Watermakers are ideally suited where the propulsion engine runs more than once a week. They produce 21 - 64 gallons fresh water per hour, even on the smallest yacht without generator.

Every time the diesel engine runs, you will produce large quantities of fresh water and charge your batteries at the same time. Adding a watermaker pump to the alternator’s load will also benefit your diesel engine, as it does not like to run underloaded.

The high-pressure pump mounts on a custom bracket directly to the main engine or generator. An electromagnetic clutch, driven via one A section belt couples the watermakers’ pump to the engine. The supplied U-bracket helps to install the pump on the engine like a second alternator.

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ECHOTec belt driven watermakers are equipped
with an automatic pressure regulating valve. This device ensures constant working pressure on changing engine RPM, a must on every propulsion engine powered watermaker.

Only highest quality raw materials that have proven to withstand continuous duty in a harsh marine environment are selected for ultimate reliability and lifetime. Therefore, all wetted components including the true regulating pressure valve and all high-pressure fittings are fabricated from identical high-grade austenitic stainless steel.

For most economical maintenance and global use, ECHOTec manufactures all components to international standards. Filters, membrane elements and many spare parts can be obtained anywhere.


Specifications, System Features and Prices:

Systems with 40" membrane vessels
Rated Performance
Membrane vessels
Prices US$**
   500 - BML - 1
22 gallons -   83 ltr./hour
 one 40" vessel
$ 5,200
   900 - BML - 2
40 gallons - 150 ltr./hour
 two 40" vessels
$ 6,350
1200 - BML - 3
53 gallons - 200 ltr./hour
three 40" vessels
$ 7,280
1500 - BML - 4
64 gallons - 242 ltr./hour
four 40" vessels
$ 8,220

Systems with 21" membrane vessels
Rated Performance
Membrane vessels
Prices US$**
   400 - BMS - 2
21 gallons -   80 ltr./hour
 two 21" vessels
$ 5,790
   600 - BMS - 3
33 gallons - 125 ltr./hour
 three 21" vessels
$ 6,550
   800 - BMS - 4
42 gallons - 160 ltr./hour
four 21" vessels
$ 7,320
Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity. The rated performance is tested at 26°C / 80°F water temperature and a salinity of 35000 ppm TDS.

Samples of BML series customer installations (click on images to enlarge)


Key Features

Three years warranty on all parts/components except consumables
Lifetime warranty on Stainless steel high pressure pump head and R.O. pressure vessel
Spring loaded automatic pressure regulator for constant working pressure and smooth flow
Extremely silent operation – no charge/discharge noise
No energy recovery pumps  -  No electronic circuits
Separate control panel for ease of operation
Modular concept for space saving installation
High pressure hoses with O-ring sealed stainless steel field attachable fittings
Includes installation kit and comprehensive installation manual
Post treatment pH buffer / hardener element saves up to 50% product water.    
No proprietary equipment  -  Consumables may be obtained anywhere (except pH buffer element)
Immediate delivery from stock
7 days a week top notch support and after sales care!




AC Watermaker Installation – AML and PRO Series
(ECHOTec. Promotional Video)
DC Watermaker Installation 260-DML-1
(courtesy: Riley and Elayna, SY "La Vagabonde")


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equipped with
ECHO Tec. Watermakers


"Since 3 years we have an ECHOTec installed like most cruisers we know. After more than 25.000 liters produced, we as well as all our friends have no problems with your desalination system. Therefore, we have decided to use an ECHOTec watermaker again on our new project: the first circumnavigation on an electro-powered catamaran without sails and any fossil fuel."
Michael Köhler, MV "Solarwave"

"I can’t thank you enough for seeing us through the installation and for designing and building such a high quality watermaking system. I was eager to get the word out about Echotec to future cruisers, which is what prompted me to write an article about the system for Cruising World."
Emily, SY "Groovy"

"Having recently passed Captain Cook's "Thirsty Sound" inside Australia's Great Barrier Reef it seemed a good time to send a note thanking you for my excellent water maker.  Given the choice I shall never sail without one.  There are surprisingly many boats with your equipment on board and without exception we are all very happy with our water-makers and the excellent and prompt back-up you have given us."
John Kirkus, SY "Bluesipp"  Read More Testimonials


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