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ECHOTec Watermakers / Desalinators - Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems
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Designated Australian website with in-depth technical information and prices in AU$ inclusive of all taxes - Shipping to all
locations within Australia and New Zealand - All yacht watermakers in stock for immediate dispatch - Three year limited warranty
on all yacht watermakers - Worldwide service facilities plus technical backup directly from the technicians who built your watermaker.

ECHOTec manufactures the most rugged and easy to operate watermakers / desalinators
or desalination systems for yachts, commercial vessels, offshore installations and for land-based applications such as small communities, hotels and beach houses.

Designed for customer installation and ultra-reliable performance, far from factory trained service centers. The wide product range covers modular AC, DC and belt driven watermakers from 8.4 GPH / 32 LPH to self-contained desalination systems with a production of
14.000 GPD or 53,000 LPD per unit.

More than 4,000 ECHOTec desalination
systems operate dependably and cost-effective throughout the world, many of them on continuous duty. Only highest quality components, proven to withstand continuous operation in the harsh marine environment and comply to industry standards including: NEMA, ASTM, API, NSF and BSI are selected for safe operation and extended product life cycle.

ECHOTec Watermakers are globally available directly from the manufacturer and through a
fast growing net of factory-trained distributors.

DC Watermaker Installation 260-DML-1
(courtesy: Riley and Elayna, SY "La Vagabonde")
AC Watermaker Installation – AML and PRO Series
(ECHOTec. Promotional Video)


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