ECHO Tec. Watermaker

   Frequently asked Questions

When is the installation of a belt driven watermaker recommended?

What are the requirements for the installation of a belt driven watermaker?

What capacity watermaker is right for my boat?

How much power does a belt driven desalination systems take off the engine?

Will I need to run the main engine at a specific RPM when operating the watermaker?

Can I change the engines RPM while the watermaker is running?

Will the high-pressure pump of the watermaker always run when I start the main engine?

Is watermaker product safe to drink?

When should I install a booster pump?

Why should I flush my watermaker after every use?

Should my watermaker have an automatic fresh water flush?

What is backwash?

Can I operate my desalination system in brackish or fresh water?

What is the effect of seawater temperature on the fresh water production rate?

Will I need any post-filtration of the fresh water (before the water is used)?

Can I clean the pre-filter elements?

Where can I purchase consumables?

What is the life expectancy of an ECHOTec watermaker system?


Why choose an ECHOTec Watermaker?

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